Calf roping

The discipline of time and two rounds, times are added together. When the rider is disqualified, than is written the time value of 5 minutes for that round. The rider with a horse may run out after releasing the calf from the discharge device and can throw a lasso to catch it on its neck. The rider releases the rope to the ground after catching the calf. Calf catching means throwing a lasso loop by a rider mounted on a horse on the neck of the animal and this only way to catch is valid. The loop of rope around the neck must stay on when the rider jumps down on the ground. The calf must trot when the rider throws the lasso. Time limit is 30 seconds, during which the rider has only one opportunity to throw a lasso. In each round, the rider grabs the other calf. Time stops at the moment when the rider stands with both feet on the ground and the horse is not in motion. Use of other than „Honda clip“ is prohibited. The use of reins, rope and other similar devices for pushing selected cattle is prohibited.