California Ranch Roping

It is time discipline with two rounds, times are added together. The time limit is 2.5 minutes, and competitive team consists of 2 riders. Corral is divided into 1 / 3. A smaller part of corral is a cattle side, where there are calves with collars and numbers. Both riders are equipped with lasso with Honda clip. Riders have the task to sort out the intended cattle to non-cattle side and laso it. Lassoing is as the first rider (roper), who has a lower number of the pair. Lassoing rider is waiting on non-cattle side than his second rider (cater) selects graded calf, which must lasso. If a rider does not catch a calf at the first attempt may not throw again, but he will help other rider to corral sorted calf, who has the option to throw instead. If neither of the two caught a calf, they are both disqualified. The rider can grab calf by the lasso loop over its head for any part of the body and the catch must do so called „deli“, where clip honda will unclip and it will finish the discipline. Time stops by uncliping honda clip. The rider must not lasso a calf on the cattle side. On non-cattle side may run only 4 calves. In the second round, second rider throws first. Using the reins, whips, rope and other similar devices for pushing selected cattle is prohibited.