Cattle Branding

Discipline takes place in pairs at the time limit and one round. Time limit is 90 seconds. Calf chosen by the referee will be separated from the herd and herd to the branding box and there is marked by color on the hind leg. One rider provides calf against escape and the other marks calf by marking colour. A marking rider, must be on the ground and may not be in contact with the horse. The marking color will be placed behing the branding box outside of the corral. It's marked by marker (brush or sponge on a stick). Time is measured from the time when the rider crosses the starting line by the horse's nose. Measured time stops when branding rider puts back the marker in a container with a marking paint. In time of discipline completion the calf must be in branding box. Using the reins, whips, rope and other similar devices for pushing the selected cattle is prohibited.