Steer Wrestling

Steer wrestling is a discipline on time and on two rounds. All times are added together. When the rider is disqualified in the round, is written the time 5 minutes. Time limit is 60 seconds until the bulldogger catches up the running steer. The total time limit for discipline is 90 seconds. This time can be reduced by the agreement of the Chief Judge and the main organizer, after considering the physical condition of used animals and the prevailing climatic conditions. In this discipline starts steer wrestler (Bulldogger) and as a non-competing assistant rider (Hazer). The hazer starts at the same time as bulldogger, but on the other side of the chute. The hazer leads steer in a straight line and can participate in this discipline more than once. Points are assigned only to bulldogger. Bulldogger and hazer start at the same time when the steer left the gate. At the same time begins measure time. Bulldogger must get to a level close to the steer of its right or left side. Bulldogger grabs the steer by its neck, head or horns. But he must not grab the ears, or touch its eyes, not to mount it. In doing so, dismount from his horse. Bulldogger stops steer and lays it on its side on which bulldogger jumped. If bulldogger uses the forbidden holds, than is disqualified. Time stops when the steer is knocked on its side. Bulldogger must not touch the ground while grabbing the steer and the steer must gallop. If the bulldogger's first attempt failed to catch the steer and lost direct contact with steer, must not continue to catch on foot. However, bulldogger may again mount a horse and try again if the time limit allows.

Steer wrestling