Team Penning

Team Penning is a discipline of the number of separated calves and time. For this discipline must be corral optically divided in two halves by starting line (visible signs are placed on the fence). One half serves as a „cattle side“ in which are calves before the start of each team. In the second half is built a small corral of size min. 5 × 5 m and is 5 m from the longer side of corral and between the open gate and short side of corral is a distance at least of one horse length. Gate's hinges are always on the side of a small corral, which is further from the long side of corral, in which is a small corral built. All calves must be collected in the middle of the shorter side of the corral's fence on „cattle side“ before the start. The competition team consists of 3 riders. The time limit is 2.5 minutes. The team's task is to separate from a herd three predetermined calves and drive them into a small corral. The task is fulfilled even if the team separates one or two calves. Team can finish the discipline before the deadline. Better position reaches the team, which closes more calves in a small corral. With the same number of calves decides shorter time. Using the reins, whips, rope and other similar devices for pushing the selected cattle is prohibited. Horse rider may enter into the inner corral, but it must not be when they stop timing. The rider can prevent escape of calves standing at the finish line. Behind the starting line may be more than four calves. Otherwise the team is disqualified. Team is also disqualified if in pen is closed other than selected cattle. Time is measured from the time when the first rider crosses by the horse's nose starting line and ends with the time limit expiration or by closing gate before the deadline. Gate closes only one rider by crossing the imaginary line and closes by horse's head and a show of hand. The closing rider must not ride by the entire horse's length in pen or the team is disqualified. Time stops when a horse rider who raised his hand and crosses the imaginary line by the horse's nose. All unclosed cattle must be on the cattle side of corral in time of end of discipline, otherwise the team is disqualified. Fall of horse or rider does not mean a sanction, if the rider tries not to continue before he is back on horse. Otherwise, it means disqualification. Disqualification of any team member will automatically lead to disqualification of the whole team. A maximum of two riders may ride in this discipline twice. In ride, when the rider did not announce it as a competitive at the presentation, does not get points. If two teams have the same number of points than is organised one or more heats.

Team penning