Trailer loading

Trailer loading the achieved time is judged, timeout is 1 minute. The team consists of two riders. Arena is divided into two halves by line. The herd of calves are marked with numbers on collars. On the non-cattle side is a pen built from metal parts simulating „trailer“, which consists of two separate parts. The rider's task is to separate a calf from the herd and corral it into a „trailer“. The calf can not escape from the trailer when the time runs, otherwise riders can not close the discipline and must corrall the calf again to the trailer. Both riders with horses will go into the second part of the trailer and will close it. Closing means that riders ride on a horse into trailer and dismount. Horses must stand in by whole body on the trailer and no part extends out of the trailer. If the horse backs or runs away, the rider must close it to the trailer again, otherwise they are disqualified. Then the riders on foot run over to a circle marked by referee in arena. While both riders are in circle the time stops. Non-cattle side can exceed only two pieces of calves. Upon completion of the measurement time must be back in the herd. Run into the trailer other than designated calf means disqualification. The use of reins, whip and lasso, and other similar devices for pushing the selected cattle is prohibited.