Pole Bending

Pole Bending Pole Bending is a time discipline. It's organized on two rounds, times are added together. When the rider is disqualified, than is written the time value of 5 minutes for that round. Start and finish line must be clearly indicated. The flying start is permitted. Timing begins and ends when the horse crosses the starting and finish line. There are six poles and are built in a straight line from the entrance to corral, away from each other by 630 cm. Distance from the starting line to first pole is 630 cm and distance from the last pole to fence is at least 630 cm. Height of poles must be at least 2.5 m and poles must have distinctive horizontal stripes of two colors. Rider completes this discipline by the two possible options. From left or right so that he/she reaches in a straight line from starting the last pole, followed by a 180 ° turn around the last pole and slalom between the poles back, between the first pole and starting line he/she turnovers, re-reaches the last slalom pole, and thence rides in a straight line back to the finish line. Each defeated pole is penalized by 5 seconds to achieved time. Direction failure is punishable by disqualification. In case of equal times is organised one or more heats.

Pole bending